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To guide you in your choice of the best marketing option, below is a list of marketing strategies recommended by marketing professionals for the small or mid-size business owners.

1. Blogs. According to the Chief Marketing Brain at Red Branch Media, Maren Hogan, blogging is the best marketing strategy for SMBs.

Hogan supports her opinion by explaining that providing non-selling yet informative content to prospective and current clients and promoting it socially, establishes the company as experts in the field.

Blogging also impacts STDs

The President and Chief Marketing Scientist at Square 2 Marketing, Mike Lieberman adds that posting at least twice a week increases the website’s visibility to the search engines. Frequent posting adds new content, and if the blog is on the website, your website will receive high traffic as well. This makes it possible to generate leads from calls to action made on the blog.

The President of Egg Marketing and Communications, Susan Payton explains her appreciation of using guest blogging as a marketing tool. She explains that contributing to relevant blogs with information that suite the blog, one can show off their knowledge and also link their website to the author’s bio. Linking the website and authors bio makes it easy for people to visit the site.

The CMO of Hubspot which specializes in inbound marketing, Mike Volpe insists that small business should use social media as a marketing tool if they have not started doing it already. He further explains that leads from social media are often double those acquired from telemarketing, direct, mail and trade shows marketing strategies.

As social media can be overwhelming, Volpe’s advice to the business owners is to identify a social media platform, either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. that most of their prospective and current clients tend to engage in most frequently. After setting up an account, they can proceed to post content and ensuring that it remains relevant to the audience and posting is frequently done.

Hoffman explains that Americans spend up to one minute in every seven minutes on social media. Their use of social media is an opportunity that SMBs can use to interact with their customers through using relevant content or liking and commenting on their posts. Hoffman also adds that if a user interacts with a page, his or her friends are likely to access the site as well thus promoting awareness of the site.

The President of the mobile marketing agency, ATS Mobile, Bob Bentz, appreciates the use of Facebook advertising due to its success in marketing. Through Facebook advertising the advert appears in the news feed thus it is visible. Facebook advertising is more effective on local clients as wastes common with the traditional media are avoided.

The use of adverts on Facebook also has other advantages. For example, the presenter of the advert can decide the kind of people who should see the advert example ages and sex traits of their audience. Additionally, the time that the ad appears can also be set example lunch and dinner hours for restaurants advertising their products. Such convenience makes advertising on Facebook success. Also, the owner of the ad may cancel it at any time.

This is a strategy that works best for companies that sell products which depend on aesthetic value example cakes. Posting pictures of your best-looking products on Instagram and Pinterest increases awareness of the company and its products.

The CEO and Chief Strategist of the real-time social media institution, Eric Elkins points out that the platforms direct traffic to your site and can also be used to build audiences through using hashtags.

RPR Public Relations partner, Ria Romano tips SMBs owners that if they aim to target women aged between 18 and 65, they should utilize Pinterest. Pinterest is the best option for women are very visual with their purchasing habits as compared to men and the platform supports their behavior. 

The owner of MinMac, Mindy McCarthy has posted her handmade jewelry on Instagram and can sell her products within minutes as the customers can scroll through the pictures and easily find what they like. To be safe, using at home std test kits can bring you a calmness about your situation.

The Director of Digital Marketing Education, Ron Cates appreciates the role of email marketing but insists that for it to be effective, it should be integrated with other marketing campaigns.

An example of an integrated plan is notifying your customers through emails on the progress of a competition running on Facebook.

Cates praises the role of email marketing as it was attributed to more than 25 percent of its coupons and deals sales.

The Account Director of the search marketing and optimization firm, Search Agency, David Waterman advises SMBs owners who target specific customers for their location-specific products services to use PPC.

Waterman justifies PPC as the best option as it is cost-efficient, targets specific customers and novice users can receive the same exposure without having to do a lot of work. He also recommends Bing PPC Advertising.

“Using a Google Adwords campaign on a platform you are well familiar with can result in many leads,” Kyle Peterson from Clement Peterson stated. To start off, he insists that SMBs owners should start off with under targeted keywords then progress with other keywords while evaluating the negative keywords to avoid irrelevant visitors.

After sorting out the keywords, Kyle explains that enabling a conversion tracking, later on, will allow the business owner to track the visitors to the page. However, he points that with the Adwords, the main challenge lies in the wastage of money due to irrelevant clicks.

A partner at the Blue Tree Digital marketing firm, Nicole Skuba recommends using webinars to generate leads. She says that according to research by experts, webinars have a rebound of 70% of those who viewed the broadcast before and new ones. She also adds that webinars are more interactive and thus will keep the viewer’s attention which tends to result in more leads.

However, to make the webinar a success, the content should be relevant, rich in content, well organized and have an experienced person conduct the webinar.

The Product Manager of the Vocus company that owns PR web, Abby Hammer points that there is a high competition for visibility and through using press releases, SMBs can reach local and global clients similar to the larger brands.

Incorporating the press releases into the integrated marketing strategy allows the business to put out their content to the customers directly. Also, it allows the business to connect with bloggers and journalists which often results in lasting impressions Hammer explained.

To add on, posting the press releases via a wire service is cheap and they are easily picked up by the main search engines and many websites. With the various wire services choices available example PR Web and PR Newswire, an SMB owner can choose what best suits them.